4 Types Of Custom Mirrors To Incorporate Into Your Home

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Mirrors are a valuable tool in any interior designer's arsenal. Installing a mirror in the right location can help enhance the natural lighting of a living space, give the illusion of space in smaller rooms, and create an elegant design aesthetic.

Custom mirrors give you the ability to achieve the perfect look within your home.

Here are four types of custom mirrors that you should consider incorporating into your home to elevate the overall aesthetic of your interior design.

1. Tinted Mirrors

A mirror doesn't have to be a purely reflective surface hanging in your home. You can actually use custom mirrors to play with color in your living space. Tinted mirrors are becoming more popular among modern homeowners.

A glass specialist can add a tint film to the surface of a mirror so that the mirror takes on the hue of the tint film. A tinted mirror can still be used as a reflective surface, but it will also reflect back a unique hue when introduced into your home.

2. Decorative Mirrors

A decorative mirror is a traditional mirrored surface that is framed with an ornate and decorative design.

One of the major benefits a decorative mirror can offer is that these pieces serve as both reflective surfaces and design focal points within your living space. A decorative mirror can enhance the grandeur and elegance of a contemporary, Tuscan, or traditional design aesthetic.

Invest in a large custom decorative mirror when you want to make a statement, and smaller custom decorative mirrors to accentuate existing design features in the home.

3. Etched Mirrors

Some homeowners like the thought of introducing more light into a room by installing mirrors, but they don't want to be forced to look into a reflective surface when spending time in that room. Etched mirrors can provide a viable solution.

An etched mirror is treated with chemicals that eat away at the surface of the mirror itself. Glass specialists can use stencils or stamps to apply these chemicals in a way that creates a unique design once the etching process is complete.

Etched mirrors feature areas that take on a frosted appearance, while the dominant design element emerges in the reflective surface mirrors are known for.

4. Antique Mirrors

An antique mirror can appear damaged to the untrained eye.

You will typically see black spots and other types of discoloration within the glass of an antique mirror. These imperfections add to the beauty and character of the mirror. Modern glass experts can recreate the look of antique glass for your custom mirror.

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