2 Signs The Glazing Compound Around Your Home's Windows Is Going Bad And Needs Repairing

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After noticing that there are several drafts in your house, you may have inspected the windows to make sure that there are no cracks or damage to the glass or frames. Even if you do not see any problems with the glass, however, your windows may still not be able to do their job of keeping the drafts out of your house because of an issue with the glazing compound.

When the glass panes are set into the frames, the glazing compound is applied to hold them in place and provide an extra sealant for the windows. However, this compound can start to deteriorate or become damaged. Below are a couple of signs that the glazing compound is going bad and needs to be looked at and repaired by a professional.

1. Areas of Discoloration Appear Between the Glass Panes and the Window Frames

One sign that the glazing compound around the glass panes in your home's windows has started deteriorating is when you find discolored areas between the glass and frames. These areas may appear reddish or orangish in color and indicate a breakdown in the compound.

Along with the discoloration, you may detect a slight odor caused by the compound's breakdown and release of chemicals. If you find these areas of discoloration, a professional will need to replace the glazing compound.

2. Water Droplets or Condensation Appear Around the Edges of the Windows' Glass Panes

Another sign that there is an issue with the glazing compound around one or more of your home's windows is when when you find water droplets or condensation around the edges of the glass. When intact, the compound creates a waterproof seal that keeps any moisture from filtering through the space between the panes and frames of the windows.

However, if the glazing compound is cracking in areas or has started to deteriorate, it will no longer keep the moisture out. Depending on whether the problem is caused by small areas of damage or overall deterioration, the professional will either patch the glazing compound or replace it completely.

If you have been feeling drafts coming in through your home's windows, the glazing compound around the edges that holds the glass in place and seals the windows may be damaged or deteriorating. You may see areas of discoloration between the panes and frames of the windows, and you may see water droplets and condensation because moisture is filtering through the glazing compound. Since the issues with the glazing compound will need to be addressed by a professional, contact a business in your area that offers residential window repair services for more information.