Understanding Car Windshield Repair Options And Processes

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Car windshield repair is a process that involves repairing chips, cracks, and other damages to the windshield of a car. There are several different techniques that can be used to repair a car's windshield.

Types of Car Windshield Repair 

Car windshield repair is normally classified according to what's being fixed. You'll find three main types of windshield repair options:

If you notice a chip or crack in your car's windshield, be sure to get it fixed promptly. Chips can become cracks, and cracks can expand so large that they require full windshield replacement. The process becomes more complicated and more expensive as the damage increases.

How Car Windshield Repairs Are Made

How long repairing a car windshield takes depends on the type of repair being made. So too does where the repair can be performed.

Chip damage can often be repaired in minutes, and some services offer to do this at your location. You'll pay more for someone to travel to you, but the repair is still simple and inexpensive. The chip will be filled with a clear sealant, which hardens so that the chip isn't noticeable. The sealant also holds the chipped area together so it doesn't expand.

Cracks might be able to be done at your location, or they might require you to travel to a window repair specialist. These are repaired much the same way as chips, but large cracks can require more curing time.

Replacing a windshield can take a while, and must be done at a window replacement specialist's facility.

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