3 Advantages Of Installing Laminated Glass Doors On Your Store

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The glass you use in your store's doors needs to be strong and robust. While many types of commercial glass meet these requirements, they don't all do the same job.

If you aren't yet sure which glass doors to use, then take a look at laminated products. What are the benefits of installing laminated glass doors on your store?

1. Get Extra Strength

Your store's doors are part of its overall protection. They need to be secure. While glass doors suit many storefronts from a cosmetic perspective, regular types of glass might not be strong enough for your needs.

For example, a standard glass might shatter and break in an accident. Criminals might find it easy to break into your store if the glass is easily broken. They can simply break the glass around your door lock and get in.

Laminated glass has extra strength. This glass is made up of at least two layers of glass interspersed with a strong layer of vinyl in the middle. This layered structure makes a pane of laminated glass a lot stronger than the norm.

So, your doors will be less likely to break even under a really heavy impact. They will give your store more protection.

2. Add Bulletproof Protection

If you've had problems with armed robbers in the past, or if you are worried that you keep a lot of cash or valuable stock in your store, then you might worry that a glass door will be too easy a target. However, you might not be sure about putting specialized bulletproof glass in your doors.

Laminated glass gives you another option here. Glass manufacturers can use a polycarbonate layer in your doors rather than a standard vinyl one. This layer bulletproofs the glass for you. You'll get more protection and more peace of mind.

3. Avoid Accidents

Like any glass, a laminate can break in some circumstances. However, this kind of glass should reduce any injuries or harm if one of your doors does break.

Regular glass shatters into lots of sharp pieces when it breaks. These pieces can fly out of the door and injure people. Anyone who picks them up could also get cut.

Laminated glass doesn't shatter in the same way. Its layered structure means that your doors will hold together even if something or someone manages to break the glass. The vinyl layer inside your door holds the glass pieces and shards in the frame, so you won't have to worry about flying or falling glass and the injuries it might cause.

To find out more about these benefits, contact a commercial glass installation company near you.