A Basic Guide To Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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When remodeling the bathroom, one of the first things to consider is the shower surround and doors. Frameless glass models look great, plus they come in a variety of glass options from perfectly clear to frosted or textured. For those considering frameless glass showers, there are a few questions that need to be answered.

Why Go Frameless?

There are quite a few reasons to consider frameless shower doors and the surrounding systems. One of the biggest is easy maintenance. Unlike framed doors, there are no unnecessary nooks and crannies to collect grime and soap scum. You can easily wipe the doors clean with a cloth and a bit of glass cleaner. Furthermore, the clean lines of the door look nice and help open up the room -- which is a real benefit in smaller bathrooms. 

Are Frameless Doors Stable?

One concern with a lack of frame is stability. The good news is that modern frameless shower doors are exceptionally stable. Even the models with thinner glass, which has the benefit of being lighter, are tempered and shatter-proof. The support brackets are always designed to anchor securely to the existing structures around the shower. If you are still concerned about stability, there are nearly-frameless options that feature an unobtrusive header rail to lend additional support. 

Can You Have Custom Surrounds?

Out-of-the-box glass shower surrounds all look very similar, and they only come in a few common sizes and configurations. Most are also framed in order to make installation easier. Frameless surrounds, on the other hand, are nearly always custom fit to your shower and the unique challenges it may have. If you have a custom-poured shower pan, then mass-produced glass surrounds won't work. The good news is that frameless glass doors and surrounds can easily be custom fit to any shape, simply by altering the locations of the wall and rim anchors along with the size of glass paneling used.

Are There Accessibility Concerns?

Accessibility concerns are a major thing, especially for those that decide to age within their homes. The shower needs to provide easy access, particularly for those that may need to use mobility devices while bathing. Frameless shower doors can be made to swing wide open, and the size of the opening can be custom-sized to fit any need. Furthermore, opting for translucent glass provides privacy while still allowing caregivers to monitor safety.

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