What You Need To Know About Selecting Frameless Shower Doors

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A new shower door is an excellent option if you want to upgrade your bathroom. There are many types of shower doors on the market, but frameless options are the preference for many homeowners. Frameless shower doors offer the sleek and modern look that many prefer for their bathrooms. In addition, the visibility provided by frameless shower doors also provides an excellent opportunity for showing off a beautiful shower. If you are looking into a frameless shower door for your bathroom, here's what you need to know.

What Style Will Work Best

Frameless shower doors are sturdy tempered glass and use very little metal. Besides the metal used for clips, hinges, and handles, frameless shower doors consist almost entirely of glass. There are also many frameless glass door styles to consider, and you need to determine which options will work best in your bathroom. Frameless options that swing-out, slide, and pivot are available. There are also bi-fold and other frameless shower door styles on the market. Again, you should consider what looks and functions best in your bathroom before deciding. 

They Tend To Be More Expensive

If you like the way frameless shower doors look, prepare to pay more than you would for a framed shower door. Since frameless doors do not have metal frames for support, they tend to be made of thicker glass, which increases the cost. On average, you'll pay between $600 to $1,900 for a frameless shower door installation. In contrast, a framed shower door installation averages between $400 and $1,100. So while a frameless glass shower door does cost more, it's well worth the price for many. 

You Can Go Custom

Another thing to consider when selecting a frameless shower door is that you can opt for a custom door. If you are struggling to find the shower door you desire or have a tricky shower enclosure, going custom may be the best option. No matter what option you go with, correct measurements for your new door are crucial. Before selecting a frameless shower door, measure your enclosure at least twice to ensure accurate measurements.

If you are hunting for a frameless shower door, here's what you need to know. First, you should consider what style will work best in your bathroom. Second, frameless shower doors tend to be pricier than framed doors, so make sure you budget for the additional expense. Finally, if you are struggling to find the right frameless glass shower door, you can go custom.