Top Factors Influencing Glass Thickness Of Shower Doors

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Among the most important factors to consider when shopping for glass shower doors for your bathroom is the glass thickness. Several factors should inform your decision to go with a particular thickness over the other available options.

Available Options

Glass manufacturers, in collaboration with players in the glass shower door industry, have come up with several thickness options depending on if you have a frameless shower door, framed shower door, or custom shower door that will need a comprehensive assessment of your bathroom

Consider the following when selecting the right glass thickness for your shower doors.

1. Shower Door Style

There are three main styles, namely framed, semi-framed, and frameless. Each of these styles has unique glass thickness requirements.

Frameless glass shower doors have no frame, and as such, the glass contributes to much of the door's structural integrity. Consequently, the glass for this design has to be thicker and heavier compared to what's used for other designs. 

The metal framing on framed shower glasses provides much of the required structural integrity. In this case, the glass can be thinner. Semi-framed shower doors require glass that's thicker than what's used in framed doors but not as thick as what you'd find on frameless shower doors.

2. Your Shower Walls

You may want a thicker glass shower door, but your bathroom shower walls won't allow it. The weight-bearing capacity of your walls will influence the type of glass thickness to choose for your shower doors.

The thicker the glass, the heavier it will be. If your bathroom walls cannot support the weight of the glass mounted on them, going ahead with the installation will result in serious damage. You will only end up spending more on your remodel as you fix the damage. This is why it's crucial that you have a professional assess how much weight your walls can take.

3. Personal Preferences

Structural integrity does, of course, take precedence over personal preference. That said, different glass door thicknesses have different advantages.

As far as aesthetics go, some people find thicker to be more attractive, while others like the slim look of thinner glass shower doors. You also want to consider your budget. Thicker glass is generally more expensive than thinner glass.

Glass shower doors are not all the same, especially if you are considering the thickness. Several options are available and based on the style of your doors, how much your walls can take, and of course, your personal preference, you can choose the right thickness.