3 Super Great Reasons To Add A Glass Shower To Your Bathroom

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Your shower is more than a space where you clean your body. It is a space where you get ready to face the day, or where you wash away the dirt and stress of a long day. Your shower is a sanitary and should be built in a way that honors the functionality and purpose of the space.

Super Great Reason #1: Customizable

One of the great things about a glass shower, is that unlike a ceramic tub enclosure, with a glass shower, you can literally customize the area to be whatever size you want it to be. You can have a standard size glass shower installed, or you can have an extra large glass shower installed. If you are working with a tiny or usually space, a glass shower can work there as well.

All you have to do is measure precisely where you want your glass shower to go, and the glass can be cut down to that exact size. In this case, it is generally best to allow a professional to come in and do the measuring in order to make sure that the measurements are just right.

Super Great Reason #2: Better Aesthetics

Second, a glass shower will provide your bathroom with better aesthetics. You will have no walls that are blocking the flow of light and energy in your bathroom. You will have no bulky shower curtain that is overwhelming the space with its loud design.

Instead, light and energy will flow through your shower and throughout your bathroom. If you want to add tile to your shower, the design from the tile will flow through your entire bathroom, not just your shower space.

A glass shower works and blends well with all types of bathroom design, from a modern layout to a more country lay-out.

Super Great Reason #3: Cleaner Environment

Finally, a glass shower will provide you with a cleaner environment. With a glass shower, you don't have that much framework in your bathing area, which means that there are not many areas for mold and mildew to take hold in your shower enclosure.

You can also have your glasses coated with a special treatment so that cleaning them is a breeze. No more scrubbing the bathroom walls; all you need to do to clean up your shower is run a squeegee over it.

A glass shower enclosure is customizable to fit the space you are working with, provides better flow and aesthetics to your bathroom, and will help create a cleaner environment that is easier to take care of.