Three Ways To Overcome Regular Problems With Frameless Shower Doors

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If you are in the market for shower doors, you have probably come across the sleek, clean, frameless options that frequent the market. These doors are frequently very attractive and slim, but there are a few caveats you should be aware of. Not only are the more expensive, but installation is difficult and water can sometimes leak. These drawbacks can, however, be effectively managed.

Lower or Stagger Your Costs

Frameless glass shower doors are more expensive than regular framed plexiglass or glass shower doors, even without adding the cost of installation. These doors are more expensive because they require very thick glass, custom designs, and strong hardware. These costs can be managed by searching for a price within your budget or taking advantage of financing options available. You may be able to find glass panels that already fit your shower area without needing custom-made ones. The costs will be well worth the beauty of the shower doors themselves.

Call a Pro for Installation

Even while frameless glass shower doors have fewer materials than framed ones, the installation can be difficult. The installation is more difficult than regular shower doors because you do not have an easily-leveled frame to guide you, and the doors can weigh more than 80 pounds. However, it's not impossible to install them yourself.

If you don't want to spend the time or energy installing them yourself, professional shower door services are more than able to help you. These services can also be very affordable. The average price for a shower door installation is between $280 and $350, although this can change for larger spaces or areas with higher costs.

Learn How to Prevent Splashes

One major concern with frameless shower doors is that they require gaps in between the glass sections themselves and sometimes the walls so they can swing. These gaps are small, but if you aren't careful with the water, then water can leak. These splashes are still preventable, however. For the most part, you can move the shower nozzle and watch for any water outside the shower over time. Additionally, most frameless shower doors have dam strips or other parts that prevent water from leaking.

There are many ways that you can manage a frameless shower door to your advantage. The costs can be mitigated with some price comparisons or financing, and installation can be handled by a professional. Splashes can happen more often, but with a bit of caution and a little bit of equipment, you can easily prevent them. Consider buying a frameless shower door for your bathroom.