Keys To Caring For A New Windshield Replacement

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If you have a large crack on your windshield, you may need to have it replaced by a professional auto glass repair shop. This is a pretty standard service that can work out perfectly if you remember the following care tips for new windshields. 

Avoid Slamming Doors

The new windshield that was just placed on your vehicle needs time to set properly, which is why it has adhesion tape around the perimeter. For this process to happen correctly, there needs to be no vibrations whatsoever. 

You thus need to make sure you avoid slamming your vehicle's doors at all costs. This would cause excessive vibrations that could force your new windshield out of place.

Then you would have to take your vehicle back in for the windshield to be re-aligned properly, costing you money and causing you a lot of stress.

Don't Let Windshield Get Wet

The reason why your new windshield remains in place is because of the urethane that's used to seal it in place. This urethane needs time to fully dry, making it important that you don't let your windshield get wet for a couple of days.

Don't take your vehicle to get washed and make sure you account for rain. If you don't have a garage or carport to put your vehicle under, get a tarp. It will shield the new windshield and its urethane sealer from water and thus ensure the seal has time to dry completely. 

Stop Putting Things Near the Dash

It's quite common to put items near the dash. It may be your wallet, cellphone, snacks, or some paperwork for work. It's important that you get out of the habit of doing this, at least until your new windshield has time to set in place.

If you were to put items near the dash, then they can push up against the windshield and move it out of the correct position. This can be avoided if you keep the dash clear and don't even go near this area until a couple of days have passed. You'll then have nothing to worry about.

After having a new windshield put in by a professional company, it is your responsibility to care for it appropriately for the next couple of days. This doesn't have to be complex as long as you know what protocol to follow and avoid doing anything rash that could jeopardize this window installation. 

For further tips, reach out to a local windshield replacement service.